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Parlay Design - ACL Pro - Series II

Parlay Design - ACL Pro - Series II

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Black Flag Cornhole Parlay Design Cornhole Bags 
ACL Pro Approved Cornhole Bags
Bags are Sold in Sets of 4 Bags
Please allow 2-3 business days to ship
Bounty: ACL Pro
The Bounty is a hole friendly fast bag. We used the slick BFC-F4 fast side paired with a slow that you can play for the hole or lay a block.
Speed: 6.5 / 8.5

Heist: ACL Pro
The Heist pairs the popular BFC-F4 material with the all new Control-V material. The "V" for versatility. This new material takes little time to break in and when it does it leaves you with a super soft and flexible bag.
Speed: 8.5/5

Hornswaggle: ACL Pro
The Hornswaggle pairs 2 soft hole friendly fabrics. The BFC-F5 fast paired with the BFC-L1 slow gives you a bag that will break in nice and have some speed on the fast side. 
Speed: 5.5 / 9
Mutiny: ACL Pro
The Mutiny soft and very controllable bag. We paired the BFC-F3 with the popular Control-V slow side. Perfect for when control is key, but still have enough speed to push bags when needed. 
Speed: 5 / 7.5

Black Pearl: ACL Pro
The Black Pearl brings you the best of both worlds with speed and control. We used our BFC-F4 material for the fast side, then paired that with our all new Control+C2 leaving you with a bag you can slide, roll, cut or flop. Note the Control+C2 is a different fabric than the Series I Black Pearl. Due to supply issues, we had to change to a comparable product.
Speed: 5 / 8.5

Ahoy: ACL Comp
The Black Flag Cornhole Ahoy brings you the best of both worlds with a bag you can lay a block with or push up the board. The BFC-F5 fast material is our quickest materials while the Control slow side makes it easy to put down a block when needed.   
Speed: 5.5 / 9

Booty: ACL Comp
The Booty brings nothing but speed. This  bag uses the BFC-F5 fast and pairs it with the the Booty slow. This bag doesn't have a traditional "Stick" side, but instead a more controllable "quick" material.
Speed: 6.5 / 9

Dagger: ACL Comp
The Dagger is quick up the boards with the BFC-F4 fast side and paired with a reverse suede slow side allows some more control when needed. These bags can be pushed from all over the board.
Speed: 4 / 8.5

Jolly Roger: ACL Comp
Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, there’s always a spot in your bag for a set of Jolly Roger. Using the Jolly Rogers fast side with the suede slow side gives you a true Stop/Go bag.  
Speed: 1.5 / 7
Piracy: ACL Comp
The Black Flag Cornhole Piracy is a bag built for control. Using the BFC-F3 fast side paired with the Control-C2 slow will give you a bag great for blocking, rolling, and flopping. 
 Speeds: 4 / 7.5 


*Speeds can vary based on many things including boards, humidity, indoor/outdoor.


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