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Baseball Series II Bags

Baseball Series II Bags

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Black Flag Cornhole Baseball Design Cornhole Bags 
ACL Pro Approved
Bags are Sold in Sets of 4 Bags

Our new Series II Bags use a new Premium Disk Resin. This gives the bags a more consistent feeling, less bounce and less kick, 
The Bounty is a hole friendly fast bag. We used the slick Bounty fast side paired with a slow that you can play for the hole or lay a block.
Speed: 6.5 / 8.5

The Heist pairs the popular Bounty material with the all new Control-V material. The "V" for versatility. This new material takes little time to break in and when it does it leaves you with a super soft and flexible bag.
Speed: 8.5/5

The Hornswaggle pairs 2 familiar fabrics using the Cutlass fast and Scallywag slow. This gives you a soft hole friendly bag with some speed on it . 
Speed: 5.5 / 9


The Black Flag Cornhole Cutlass brings you the best of both worlds with a bag you can lay a block with or push up the board. The Cutlass fast material is one of our quickest materials while the Control slow side makes it easy to put down a block when needed.  
Speed: 6 / 9

The Cannon brings you a controllable bag for those quick boards or harder throwers. The Cannon fast side is controllable med/fast material. This fast side is paired with the same Control slow side from the Cutlass. You have your choice of laying the block or going for the hole with the Cannons.
Speed: 6 / 7


*Speeds can vary based on many things including boards, humidity, indoor/outdoor. 

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