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Limited I ReLaunch - ACL Pro - Series II - Limited Release

Limited I ReLaunch - ACL Pro - Series II - Limited Release

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The Limited I design was our first non standard release. We have had many request to bring it back and now is your chance to get them just one more time. We will only be making 10 sets of each model so these will be one our most limited release to date. Oh we forgot to mention, we are throwing it back to the original release pricing with coupon code REWIND

*Coupon can not be combined with any other discount*
Black Flag Cornhole Limited I Design Cornhole Bags 
ACL Pro Approved Cornhole Bags
Bags are Sold in Sets of 4 Bags
Please allow 2-3 business days to ship
This is a Re-Release of our first release. On 10 sets will be available in each model. 
Bounty: ACL Pro
The Bounty is a hole friendly fast bag. We used the slick BFC-F4 fast side paired with a slow that you can play for the hole or lay a block.
Speed: 6.5 / 8.5

Heist: ACL Pro
The Heist pairs the popular BFC-F4 material with the all new Control-V material. The "V" for versatility. This new material takes little time to break in and when it does it leaves you with a super soft and flexible bag.
Speed: 8.5/5

Hornswaggle: ACL Pro
The Hornswaggle pairs 2 soft hole friendly fabrics. The BFC-F5 fast paired with the BFC-L1 slow gives you a bag that will break in nice and have some speed on the fast side. 
Speed: 5.5 / 9

Mutiny: ACL Pro
The Mutiny soft and very controllable bag. We paired the BFC-F3 with the popular Control-V slow side. Perfect for when control is key, but still have enough speed to push bags when needed. 
Speed: 5 / 7.5

Black Pearl: ACL Pro
The Black Pearl brings you the best of both worlds with speed and control. We used our BFC-F4 material for the fast side, then paired that with our all new Control+C2 leaving you with a bag you can slide, roll, cut or flop. Note the Control+C2 is a different fabric than the Series I Black Pearl. Due to supply issues, we had to change to a comparable product.
Speed: 5 / 8.5



*Speeds can vary based on many things including boards, humidity, indoor/outdoor.

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