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Scallywag - American Flag - Set of 8 Bags

Scallywag - American Flag - Set of 8 Bags

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Bags are sold in sets of 8 bags. 
(4 Red & 4 Blue)
ACL Rec Cornhole Bags
USA Made
Premium Resin Filled Cornhole Bags
Double Stitched Interior Seam and Double Stitched Closing Seam
Template Sewn on Professional CNC Sewing Machines


The Black Flag Cornhole Scallywag is perfect for your backyard tournaments or local blind draws. The Scallywag is a traditional "Slick & Stick" cornhole bag using a suede slow side material and woven fast side material. This fabric combination gives the bags a distinct speed difference, while remaining controllable.  Perfect for a newer player. 

Fast : 7
Slow : 2


*Speeds may vary based on many factors including boards, indoor/outdoor, and humidity. 

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